The Caverns Ice Cream | Charles Town, WV

The Caverns Ice Cream in Charles Town, WV

The Caverns Ice Cream & Sandwiches

We set out to provide the community with that little scoop of joy only ice cream can deliver. However, it didn’t take us long to see that downtown Charles Town lacked unique and expertly crafted lunch items. We sprang into action and renovated our kitchen so we could offer our guests a full experience.

From unique sandwiches and soups to sundaes and Black Dog coffee, The Caverns Ice Cream Shop is here to serve up delicious treats. Join us for a midweek lunch break or for a fun Saturday afternoon dessert run with your family. Either way, we make sure you’ll never leave disappointed.

Who We Are

Family is everything. Our family moved to Jefferson County in Spring 2013 after falling in love with the always-friendly vibe and strong sense of community of Charles Town, WV. We’re aiming to bring more visitors and Charles Townies to the downtown area for socializing and family fun. So, we’re excited to welcome you to our fun and nostalgic ice cream shop full of the sweet treats and hearty sandwiches everyone craves.

How did we get our name?

The Caverns Ice Cream Shop sits atop a little-known Charles Town relic – the Lakeland Caverns. This cavern system is a 200-foot cave, discovered accidentally in 1906, that contains a stunning underground lake. As a tourist attraction in the 1920s and 1930s, the Lakeland Cavern cost only 50 cents to enjoy!

Yearning for the simplicity and sense of community of a long-forgotten time, The Caverns Ice Cream Shop was born. With 16 flavors of hand-dipped goodness, sundaes, sandwiches, and Black Dog Coffee, we’re bringing the nostalgia of the past, deliciously, into the present.